Great Service! Not only did they remove the rat, they cleaned up all the unsanitary mess it left behind. They also closed the entrance that the rat got into. I recommend this company!


Great response in preparing traps, explaining what animals were making the diggings and what to expect.

James O.

Very friendly folks- the did a very thorough job for us, we were very happy with their work

Stephanie B.

Restore the damage caused by wildlife

Once we remove the pests from your property, the team at Animal Removal of Texas will seal up their point of entry to make sure the furry intruders don't become repeat offenders. We don't kill any animals, except for rodents as required by law. Even those slithery snakes have a place in the wild, so we relocate every animal we trap. Animals that need care are rehabilitated before being returned to their natural habitat.

To get the process started, call 817-771-5485 now. You can schedule your wildlife removal in Joshua, Kempner, Austin or Irving, TX right away. We also service the surrounding DFW Metroplex. We care about helping, and building relationships with our clients. We are a veteran family, and we provide 5% discount for veterans, civil servants, first responders and senior citizens.

As the population of our cities and towns continues to grow, interactions between humans and wild animals become more frequent. Critters such as raccoons, squirrels, opossums and even hogs can end up in your basement, your garage, your trash cans and other places where they can cause a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, many of these wild animals are killed every year by homeowners who aren't sure how to remove them. That's why Animal Removal of Texas, LLC is here - we help save homes and animals throughout the Joshua, Kempner, Austin and Irving, TX area.

Let an experienced animal control expert relocate the animal that's digging in your trash or living under your house. You can count on us for humane wildlife removal and relocation in Joshua, Kempner, Austin or Irving, TX . Contact us now to speak with a member of our team.

We can handle almost any wild animal

For more than 30 years, the team at Animal Removal of Texas has been safely removing and rehabilitating wildlife. Once your problem is handled, we can also inspect your property to make sure you haven't left yourself vulnerable to other invasions by wildlife.

Our team of experts is proud to offer safe and humane:

Raccoon removal

Skunk removal

Beaver removal

Opossum removal

Armadillo removal

Snake removal

If you have a larger animal prowling your property, such as a hog, a coyote or a bobcat, then you can come to us for large animal control, too. Wild hogs are a problem in the Joshua, TX area. Fortunately, our wild hog control team is trained to properly catch and relocate them.

If you need animal control after hours, we have a 24-hour emergency line, as well. Make an appointment now for your in-person inspection. Our team is licensed and insured, and we proudly serve the DFW Metroplex, Georgetown, Round Rock and North Austin areas.