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Many years of military and law enforcement experience has allowed me the opportunity to interact with people and animals.

With over a decade of experience in wildlife removal.  Animal Removal of Texas has provided a humane way to remove animals from your home or business.  We do not use poisons or methods that will harm or kill the animals, but instead thoroughly inspect the area to determine entry points, patch up any holes or burrows, remove anything contaminated and restore the area, also we will relocate the animal back into their natural environment.

We offer free onside inspections to provide you the most affordable, upfront prices for wildlife removal. At Animal Removal of Texas, we offer 24 hour removal emergency service, 7 days a week.

If you find unwanted wildlife in your home/business give us a call today for an estimate on our professional wildlife removal.

                                                               WE DO NOT USE POISONS!



Wildlife Removal Dallas, TX