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Raccoon Removal in Dallas, TX

Do you have a raccoon in the attic? When a raccoon enters your property it can cause a great deal of damage. They often make a mess of trash cans and are known to make nests in attics. Safely removing a raccoon can be a challenge and should not be attempted by somebody without experience.

Rather than attempting to take the issue into your own hands, be sure to reach out to our animal removal experts as soon as you detect these furry invaders. Animal Removal of Texas provides 24/7 service for safe and humane raccoon removal in Dallas, TX. Our extensive experience working with a wide range of animals over the years has given us the insight necessary to properly and safely remove wildlife without causing harm to the animals involved. While other pest control and animal removal companies resort to extreme measures for eliminating unwanted visitors, we relocate the animals that have made themselves at home on your property instead of using poison or killing your intrusive guests.

Following a free inspection of your home and the surrounding property to discover the source of the problem, we determine where the raccoons have entered and develop a solution for safely removing them. By blocking any possible entrances, we prevent the raccoon visitors from returning in the future, ensuring that you’ll no longer have to worry about them coming back to your home. We also utilize live traps when necessary to provide the safest and most humane raccoon removal possible. This enables us to relocate the raccoons to a much safer place where they can live in peace without disturbing you and your loved ones. That way, order will be restored to your everyday routine and you’ll be able to get back to your daily schedule without worrying about interruption from furry bandits.

Count on Our Animal Removal Experts for Safe & Humane Solutions

When it comes to raccoons, it’s important to understand that the only reason that they intrude upon your land is to search for food or shelter. Raccoons are simply on the hunt for somewhere they can create a living space and take advantage of any available resources for keeping themselves and their families alive. For that reason, they should never be perceived as or treated as a threat requiring violent or lethal force to remove. Our animal removal experts works our hardest to protect the lives of these animals, so you can rely on us for solutions that humanely resolve your raccoon problem.

We provide free estimates for every raccoon removal service, so you’ll have an idea of the total cost necessary to remove the raccoon(s) from your property before we begin. If you believe that you only need a one-time removal, then you will likely receive the most benefit from our short-term service plan, which begins at only $44.95. In the event that you believe you’ll need year-round coverage, we also offer annual packages starting at $300. Regardless of the type of service you need, you can depend on our experts to deliver safe solutions that keep your property free of pests for the future.

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