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Fox Removal in Dallas, TX

The fox, though primarily a nocturnal animal, can be seen sunbathing or foraging for food at any hour of the day. Clever animals whose diet consists of everything from nuts and berries to birds and rabbits, foxes can be more than just a mild nuisance to homeowners, especially if they have pets or livestock. If a wild fox has wandered onto your property, it’s in your best interest to have it safely and swiftly removed from the premises.

At Animal Removal of Texas, LLC, our trained professionals specialize in fox removal in Dallas, TX. We have a strong knowledge of the creatures and critters that tend to be problematic for homeowners in the area. Controlling and relocating the wildlife that makes its way onto our customers’ properties is our expertise. Our team prides itself on taking a humane approach to each request we take on. Rest assured that when you trust our wildlife removal experts to rid your property of your uninvited guests, we’ll handle your animal issue effectively, but sensitively.

Why Would You Need Fox Removal?

Foxes are typically reclusive animals that shy away from human activity. Though they’re more common in rural areas, they can easily adapt to suburban areas as well. For this reason, suburban homeowners may have pressing fox removal needs as well. Problem foxes may take a liking to a well-populated neighborhood if there is an abundance of food, water, and shelter. Though foxes can help to keep away nasty rodents, they can also be problematic for several reasons, some of which include:

  • They Can Threaten the Safety of Your Livestock
  • They Can Threaten the Safety of Your Pets
  • They Can Carry Fleas, Ticks, or Rabies
  • They Can Destroy Your Home or Property Rummaging for Food
  • They Can Be Difficult to Trap

If you have small pets like kittens, rabbits, or chickens, turn to our trained professionals for immediate fox removal. No matter how crafty the cunning carnivores that are troubling you might be, our team believes that humane removal solutions are always possible. Allow us to leverage our strategic wildlife knowledge to capture and relocate your unwanted guests safely.

Call our Fox Removal Team for a Free Inspection

When you put your removal needs in the hands of our professionals, we’ll do more than remove nuisance foxes from your property. In addition, we’ll identify any points of entry and seal it completely to keep them from finding their way in. Big or small, our specialists can handle any wildlife problem you may have. Reach out to our team and request a free inspection to get started on getting rid of your nuisance animals today.

Contact our wildlife removal specialists for a free property inspection. We proudly serve homeowners in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco, Texas.