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Feral Hog Removal in Dallas, TX

A wild animal invading your home and yard, especially a big one like a feral hog, calls for immediate action by experts. If a wild animal has invaded your property, reach out to our local company for feral hog removal in Dallas, TX, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rather than spraying poison and harming the animal, we use ecologically responsible methods to relocate them instead.

To take a more preventative approach, we offer free inspections to see if you’ve got any critters or vulnerabilities you may not have known about. If feral hog removal is needed, we identify the point of entry and seal it right up to stop them from coming back—because we believe you should only have to deal with this once. We also take care to remove any contamination or unsanitary mess they may have left behind.

An Essential Service for a Serious Problem

At around 1.5 million and counting, Texas is struggling to contain its hog population. These big pigs cause millions of dollars in agricultural damage every year since they look for food by digging in the ground with their snorts and tusks. Because they’re omnivorous, they pose a threat to your plants and your livestock—not to mention you, as they can transmit dozens of pathogens. Our feral hog removal is an easy, humane solution. We come to you and get them off your property fast.

The removal of these creatures always requires calling in the professionals. They’re easily one of the most destructive invasive species, especially since they’re mostly nocturnal and don’t have many predators to fear. You don’t want to put in hours or days of labor for your crops, garden, or livestock only to have them destroyed, and no one in your household or workplace should have to risk getting sick or injured.

Leave Feral Hog Removal To the Masters

Animals are unpredictable, and with a big animal like this, a bite could do painful damage. You and the people living or working with you are much better off steering clear of feral hogs or any other critters and letting us handle their capture. Hogs are surprisingly intelligent and should only be caught by experienced trappers. That’s what we give to you when we send our crews. Our team has a decade of wildlife removal experience and has spent a number of years in military and law enforcement, allowing us to provide expert services.


Contact us for the prompt and professional removal of any animal threat. We’re based in Dallas, Texas, but can work in Tarrant, Navarro, Palo Pinto, Wise, and Parker counties too, along with the nearby communities.