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Coyote Removal in Dallas, TX

Any wild animals intruding into your home or business can be scary to you and bad for your profits, and coyotes are no exception. You don’t need to be nervous for long; our local animal relocation company provides professional coyote removal in Dallas, TX, 24/7. Our ecologically responsible, poison-free methods have protected pets and people like you from scratches, bites, rabies, and other dangers for more than a decade. We love animals and have years of experience working with them in law enforcement and military capacities in addition to relocation work.

You can trust that our coyote removal gets these animals off of your property without hurting or killing them. Take comfort in the fact that coyote attacks are uncommon because of their small size. Even in the rare cases they occur, the injuries are almost never serious. They tend to avoid people, but if you’ve got a pet or livestock in your yard, they may venture out and attack. If you’re at risk and worried, let us know and we’ll give you a free inspection.

Our Coyote Removal Comes With Prevention

If your property is near a wildlife habitat, merely relocating the animals when they get too close might not be enough. When we arrive, we go the extra mile. Our experts pinpoint how the coyote got in and seal the hole or compromised area to keep others from doing so. Any contaminated material is removed and any animals are placed back into their natural habitats. We’re proud to do our job in a way that’s beneficial to you, the animals, and the environment as a whole.

This high standard of service applies to other animals as well as our coyote removal. We can handle big and small species of all temperaments in a manner that’s empathetic and compassionate while still getting the job done. Our crew takes every safety precaution and handles each situation with care. Home and business owners rely on us for removal and relocation of coyotes and other wild animals, such as:

·         Squirrels

·         Skunks

·         Raccoons

·         Snakes

·         Foxes

·         Feral Hogs

·         Rats/Mice

·         Armadillos

·         Opossums

·         Moles

·         Birds 

Contact us for a free inspection on what needs to be done for your property. We serve home and business owners of Dallas and Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, and Hood counties in Texas, and the neighboring communities.