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Armadillo Removal in Dallas, TX

When you’ve tried everything and the critters are still crawling, call our local company for professional armadillo removal in Dallas, TX. Our experts offer residential and commercial service that’s humane and efficient. With a decade of experience in wildlife removal, we know how to get these animals off your property for good—without having to kill them to do it. Instead of filling your yard with poisons, we catch the armadillos and return them to their natural habitat. Then we remove any contamination and seal off points of entry so they can’t come back.

Experienced armadillo removal is essential for a successful trap. Because these animals are nocturnal and go underground, they can be tricky for amateurs to catch. You don’t want to waste time and continue to see your lawn torn up with failed attempts. At our business, we know these animals’ behavior. We’re well-versed in how they move and where they go, which makes us perfectly equipped to catch them. By calling us, you get your yard back sooner.


Why You Don’t Want To Wait On Armadillo Removal

Armadillos aren’t just a nuisance; they can be a danger for a number of reasons. They can carry rabies and are the only known animal other than humans that can carry leprosy as well. Digging tunnels under and around your house can upset the foundations of AC units, concrete walkways, and more, causing it to crack or collapse. This is all on top of the fact that armadillo digging can destroy your lawn and the pipes under it, not to mention upset your pets.

Bringing in our armadillo removal team now can spare you those problems. We know how to set traps that work and offer 24/7 service with free onsite inspections. You can call us anytime and learn how armadillos may be accessing your property. The sooner you allow us to do prevention work, the better your chances of avoiding an infestation. We also provide service for other animals.

Contact us, and we’ll be right over to solve your pest problem. We serve the home and business owners of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco, Texas, and the nearby areas.